There is so much to learn about chakras and whether you know what a chakra is or you don't as of yet you are going to learn so much from this course. By the end of this course you will learn all about the 7 main chakras, their "jobs", their colors, how to take care of them through meditations and so much more. I will be teaching you some affirmations and about how to care for each of these chakras in your body. It is so important to open, clear, balance and close your chakras...but not all the way! You will learn why during this course.  You will have so much more energy once you incorporate chakra self care into your daily life. If you are an "empath", healer, medium, intuitive and or psychic this course will be so beneficial to you to learn the tools to manage the energy centers of your body. Many health issues are caused from our chakras not being cleaned/cleared and well balanced and I am going to show you how to keep your chakras well tuned!


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Ro Cherniawski