"I received a reading from Ro, well actually I've had a couple and she's bang on everytime. She has an amazing connection with Spirit and I highly recommend her. She is a beautiful person and has such a warm heart and loving soul. Her last reading touched me deeply and I will forever be grateful. Ro you have an amazing talent and I wish you much success!"

- Leanne Eyre-Den Hartog

Sherwood Park, AB

"...I purchased an hour reading from Rochelle. All I can say is wow. Throughout the entire reading it felt like she was reading my mind! When I was about to ask her about something, before I could even say anything she was already responding. She was able to connect with my dad as he can be a quiet spirit and was able to draw out some great messages. Rochelle is very easy to talk with and open to any questions or direction you would like your reading to go. I have had many readings and Rochelle was the first one to actually get me to understand how to use my intuition. Will not hesitate to have another reading with Rochelle in the future."


Surrey, BC

I received an invitation to watch Ro live on Facebook during the Christmas holidays. I have never had a card reading before in my life or saw anyone give a card reading. I thought, why not check this out. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen while I was trying to prepare food for Christmas. All her readings I was listening to were amazing. She was making so many people happy talking to their loved ones. I watched her live again the next day and asked her if I could please have a card reading. She picked my name and started a reading. I was so excited that I had butterflies in my stomach. Ro received a message for me from my Dad and my Sister in law who I miss both so much.Even worse during the Christmas holidays so I was excited to see what message they were giving Ro for me. Ro was right on about anything she said to me about my Family. Ro gave me such peace and happiness as I was having a rough week missing everyone. She explained everything so clearly and it meant the world to me knowing that my loved ones were ok and still with me everyday looking out for me. I could go on and on...Ro's readings are a WOW factor and everytime I see she is live on Facebook I watch all her amazing readings. I have also received Audio readings from her and everytime she is right on and it brings so much peace knowing that your loved ones are right there with you.

-Lisa Primrose

Creston, BC

Happy to say that Ro was on point tonight. I noticed my sister had made a comment while Ro was in progress...she was just doing a few more and gracefully accepted my request for a card. immediately  zeroed in on the fact that my life has been difficult in recent years. I just hoped for a glimmer of hope. Thank-you, Ro! You already know that I'm going to be okay, now I have this little push I needed. I am the only one that can change my journey. I am looking forward to seeing you again and know we are all connected”

- Judie Bernyk

Windsor, Ontario

“..Ro gave me an excellent reading. She was 100% accurate and even knew I was renewing my wedding vows on the beach! I highly recommend her."

- Jina Mungia


"...I have had the pleasure of starting 2018 off with a reading with Rochelle and it was amazing! She did a past, present, future reading for me and I was so impressed how she relayed messages from spirit to me. The reading started off with her going through the cards she pulled for me and once there were no more messages from spirit I was able to ask my questions. This reading was a healing session and if you have not had a reading with Ro I would recommend her! I have never met or had a conversation with Ro before this reading and I look forward to meeting Ro someday."

 - Love and Light, Lorna

     North Vancouver, BC

Rochelle(RO) J Cherniawski

Blessed Beyond Words...

"...I've had two readings from Ro as I am new to her...I love how friendly she is and how she talks to us all, she is someone who I feel would be a good friend. Both my readings she's done were awesome and on point. I love how Ro and Carmel both make you feel like family. I would totally refer anyone to Ro. As a person on disability it's hard to pay for readings but I hope one day I can as there are things I need to hear to move on. God bless you Ro you're a great and wonderful person."

-Linda-Marie Kusiak


Here are just a few testimonials of some readings I have done. I have been blessed with developing my intuition and have given many readings. Without my clients wanting to connect with their loved ones I wouldn't be able to do what I do. My Spiritual Team and I give healing messages to help people with their grief and loss of their loved ones and I am so grateful and thankful that I am able to relay these messages to all of you. Spirit lives on!

Love Ro xo

Ro's Testimonials

I had the pleasure of meeting Ro in 2017 at an event we were both attending. I knew when I met her and she connected with my husband then, that she was the real deal. Since then, I have had one  phone reading with Ro and other readings over Facebook live. Every time Ro has connected with Spirit and allowed me to get messages from my husband. Every time I get new messages from him and every time she is spot on. I am so thankful that I met Ro. She is an amazing person and Medium and so full of love and light. She always trusts her team of guides, angels and spirits and they always come through for her to give healing messages to me. I highly recommend Ro if you are looking for guidance and /or healing messages from loved ones. She will never disappoint. I look forward to many more messages from Ro and Spirit.

Melanie Passamare

Edmonton, Alberta

Ro is the most unbelievable medium I have ever received a reading from. She nailed it. She has an amazing gift...she is the real deal! Loved connecting with my loved ones, and finding out things I never knew. I was touched immensely by her accuracy and empathy. Ro, you are raw and real! Will definately be looking into that course you suggested! Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart! You are truly an angel!

Jackie Swain

Crooked Creek

I am going to be very blunt here...Ro is absolutely and utterly AMAZING!!!! I have connected with my Dad before with other mediums but never ever like this! Very mind blowing and I will definately be booking again!! No question about it!! Ro's ability is just WOW!! I would also like to add that in this case, I truly believe that she surpassed her teacher!! Incredible!!! I truly believe that Ro has been instrumental in helping me majorly through my personal grieving process. Please do yourself a favour and schedule yourself a reading!! You will not regret it.

   -Valerie Matlock Rolfes

Edmonton, Alberta