With all of my readings I connect with my guides, angels, loved ones and my clients guides, angels and loved ones, their energy, as well as mine. If I receive any messages from spirit coming through I will include them in my audio readings as well as an "added bonus." When doing my readings I am "playing" charades with spirit. *NOTE* without you over the phone or in person I can't get validation from you for the messages I am receiving from spirit during mediumship readings. Names may or may not be 100%. It may start with that letter or ryhme with it etc. Make sense? It's much easier having you with me during the reading for mediumship messages. I am not a magician...I am a medium who communicates with dead people. There are no refunds, no guarantees on who comes through and what messages they give me for you to receive. I trust my team 100% on the other side.  Love Ro xo


Ask me one question if you like and I will pull a card for you from one of my decks...spirit will help me when choosing! Your voice recorded reading will be sent to you via email


Past, Present, Future, and Distant future cards will be pulled for you and sent to you via email with my voice recorded reading


This is all about love! Send me one question if you like and I will pull you cards from my romance deck of cards and send you your messages from spirit and guidance that I receive from them to your email through my voice recorded reading


Send me 3 things that you require anwsers to and I will send you the messages I receive via email through my voice recorded reading


I will pull 12 cards for the year, one for every month. You receive all 12 voice recorded readings all at once so you can look ahead at what maybe coming your way. #loveit

I'm not crazy...i'm a BADASS medium...and i trust my Team!

Rochelle(RO) j Cherniawski

Ro does in person and over the phone readings as well anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour over the phone and 30 minute and 1 hour in person reading. Once you purchase your reading Ro's Assistant will get back to you with a date and time via email for your reading. All Ro needs is your first name, the less she knows prior to your reading the better. There is no difference in the quality of the reading whether in person or over the phone. During over the phone and in person readings Ro doesn't always pull cards especially if spirit is strong and giving many messages and validations unless you strickly just want guidance only and ask for cards she will go with the flow with spirit for your reading. Ro loves to give healing messages to her clients from their loved ones that have crossed over.