I have had the pleasure of taking two in person courses with Ro and her daughter Shae as teachers so far and have booked for another one in October! Learned a tonne in the Chakra course - both Ro and Shae teach in a fun filled setting where everyone is made to feel at ease. It was very comfortable and although I was nervous to attend, my nervousness disappeared very quickly. I then took a very intense two day course, Awaken Your Spirit. I am so grateful to have found some answers in this course about things that occured in my childhood and into my adulthood that made me feel a little crazy!! I am not crazy but turns out I am intuitive. Lol. What a relief to spend time with like minded people. Although there was a Lot of information presented , both Ro and Shae taught and shared that information in a way that was both informative and FUN!! In fact, the whole weekend was amazing and I don't think I have ever laughed so much while learning at the same time!! Because the class size was a small one, that made for a wonderful weekend. I love Ro's bubbly personality anf she has a mouth like mine so I felt welcomed and fit right in from the first second I walked in the door! Both Ro and Shae were very patient when I experienced an "I can't do this moment" and helped me overcome it and discover that "oh yes I CAN!!!" enlightened moment. Thank-you again for an amazing weekend! I can hardly wait until October when we get to spend time together again!!! Thank-you BADASS Nedium from one of your BADASS Students!!!!! 

Valerie Matlock Rolfes

Edmonton, Alberta

Oh my, where to begin...peeps, save your loonies, return your bottles, do what you need to do, get your coinage together to take this course!! I can guarantee you this...you will feel more than you have in years. You will laugh until it hurts your tummy and maybe cry. You will make life long friends, with your classmates. Your mind WILL be blown, and learn more then thought possible in one short weekend. You will consume more calories then one person should eat in a month, and won't give a ratts ass!! AND...you will leave that class a whole new person. A NEW improved version of your loving self. You may even win a shirt like mine. Oh, and have the confidence to wear the shirt is the thing!! Booo Yaaaaaa

I was in a wonderful class, with a lovely group of woman this weekend. The class was lead by Ro and Shae, Awaken Your Spirit. Ro and Shae are shining examples of love and light, with a big ole dose of reality. They both are amazing ambassadors. No question is too big or too small, they made everyone feel validated and at peace. They maintained  their professional distance, but at the same time giving everyone a little one on one special attention we all were so craving. Well done ladies. As a result of their great work, each of us has signed up for the next class. Some of us, this is a major financial commitment, however, we all felt Shae and Ro are worth it. OMG, don't even get me started on the endless refreshments, snacks and food provided. Ro and Shae you are both 10 stars


Suzi Shyian

Rochelle(RO) Cherniawski

I was lucky enough to take Awaken Your Spirit and a course on chakras with Shae and Ro. All I can say is amazing! These ladies rocked my world! The weekend was filled with learning, eating the best food ever, being able to purchase affordable tools of the trade, and being around like minded people which is so much fun!! Thank-you so very much! This course opened my eyes to see how truly intuitive we are! I will definately be taking more courses from this badass medium and her daughter Shae in the future! I will also add that Ro's mediumship is truly out of this world "literally" Loved you all!!

Jackie Swain