For most of my life I have struggled. I was constantly trying to fit in and please others so I was accepted. I had a hard time in school and got sick and panicked especially if I had to speak in class. I always was tagged a "trouble maker" even though I was such a "goody goody".  I carried a lot of guilt about past decisions and "mistakes" that I had made being my worst enemy. I had so many nightmares as a child and now realize that I was connecting to Spirit and was scared shitless so started to block it out. I can't stand tunnels, basement, MRI scans, elevators and more. I suffered in group situations and any socializing one on one and in group situations whether it was a work party, meeting someone, a wedding or funeral. I have gone through a lot of shit but it seems that the more shit I have gone through the more I have been able to connect and re-develop my intuition. I talk to dead people 24/7 and I wouldn't change it for the world! I love Spirit. I rarely sleep, I get anxiety on a daily basis but I have learned to control it so much better at least. As an empath/medium I am connecting to the energies of other people and Spirits all the time. It never shuts off even when I am trying to rest or sleep it is a continuous cycle. Everything is 1000 times stronger as I am very sensitive to energy and Spirit. For years I thought I was crazy...what an awful feeling. My hubby, John, always said I was crazy too. In a way I guess I am but at least I understand it all now. I can be my true and authentic self and I love me just the way I am. My family have had to deal with so much with my "weirdness" and anxiety issues but the more I learn about connecting with my Spiritual team and loved ones it helps me with this tremendously. I now do readings professionally for people all of the time connecting them to their loved ones and giving them guidance, healing and validations. My daughter Shae and I are both mediums and want to teach each and everyone of you how to develop your intuition and connect to the other side with affordable courses and training.

Do you get over whelmed easily?

Do you get headaches?

Do you get stomach aches?

Do you have depression and or anxiety?

Do you feel things that you just can't explain

Do you see, hear, feel and smell things that others do not?

Do you know what others are feeling or thinking?

Are you a healer?

Do you hear that inner voice and you are not sure if it's you?

Do you often think and feel like you are crazy?

Do you carry a lot of emotions and easily "blow up" suddenly?

Are you like a magnet to people that want to unload their shit on you?

Do you have a hard time saying no to others even though you are so drained already?

Do You know yours souls' intention?

Are you psychic, intuitive, an empath and or medium? Or no clue?

Do you want to put you and your badass journey first?

Are you Fuck'n ready?!

I want to continue to help others heal by sharing everything I know! You will learn how to manage your anxiety, emotions, energy and more! You will learn to understand the importance of paying attention to signs from spirit and how to expand your intuition in a positive and healthy way. I will teach you self care, self love, spiritual love through many ways of doing this. I want to teach you to be the best badass medium you can be! I don't have a special power or gift. Anyone can connect to the other side if you are open to developing this "God given gift." You've got this shit! Take the next step in your badass journey and learn to talk to dead people and more!


Ro Cherniawski

All Merchandise and Courses are Non-Refundable