My Spiritual Team and I have been working very hard connecting to each other to create many courses. This one inparticular tugs at my heart! For many years I didn't love myself. How sad is that?! It was easier to find things wrong with myself than to find something good. It's a lonely and sad life when you don't know how to love yourself and I have found that the more I began to learn to love myself the better I felt and my relationships with others grew in a more positive direction. You can't expect others to love you when you don't even love yourself unconditionally. You have you and yourself only. Make sense? This is your life, your body, your mind, your soul, your journey. Now take control of it and watch everything fall into place for the first time in your life! Learn to be more grateful for everything about yourself and your life. I will teach you from the ground up how to start to love yourself and before you know it it will be easy and your life will feel full and lighter because together we will unblock and move this barricade that has been holding you back from self love and self worth. I am proud of you for taking this next step to getting to know yourself again! Remember who you used to be before you starting putting the blinders on?! We are going to find you again and find your inner child so you can have your life back. If I could do it you certainly can!

Love Ro xo

Rochelle Cherniawski


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