I want to share something with you. When I was on my "death bed" during one of my chemotherapy treatments my guides, my angels and my loved ones that had crossed over were surrounding me. They were in a big circle and I was in the middle of it. They were healing me! I could barely move I was in so much pain and was so weak! Was this really happening?! They were singing and chanting. I couldn't understand what they were saying but I felt very warm, loved and happy as I knew they were healing and saving me. I will never forget this experience when they all saved my life. It wasn't my time and I knew once I got through this cancer journey that I would do much bigger things than I ever had. It was my way of giving back after getting my life back. Make sense?! Everyday is a true blessing! After surviving cancer I began to connect to Spirit so much easier than ever except for when I was a young child. I had blocked a lot of it out and just felt it was my own voice all the time. I now connect to Angels and Guides on a regular basis so this is why my Spiritual Team and I have created this course for you to help you along your Badass Spiritual Journey. I want you to have this knowledge so you can learn that they are waiting to help, to guide and to work for us. All you have to do is ask.

Love Ro xo



Ro Cherniawski