Whether you are looking for myself or both Shae and I to come to your home for a family event or gathering for a group reading, a private in person reading, an audio or over the phone reading we will give you guidance and healing messages from your loved ones. We can also set up in an office or in your home and do 15 minute or half an hour one on one intuitive readings with you and your guests. We will work with you to accomodate your needs for your special event or occasion. Hire us now!

No Guarantees

 or Refunds

CLICK HERE to book your own  Open Mediumship/Group Reading with us! For a very "unique experience/entertainment" we will come to your home and do in person readings in front of your group at your home or  workplace. Spirit will choose which guests that we will be choosing to read. This is perfect for a family/friend/co-workers event! Ten people and under for one whole hour with me is $250 and over 10 people is an extra $25/person only! Weekends and evenings book up fast so don't wait or it will be too late!

Love Ro xo

Rochelle(RO) j Cherniawski


Book Shae and I for your next "me time" gathering!

We will be doing a variety of stress/anxiety/release/abundance meditations together as we renew together and bring in good vibes 





Shae and I have put a couple packages together for you but if there is something else you are wanting or are interested in please let us know! We will work with you to create something just for you and your group.


(16 years old and under)

Shae and I will teach your intuitive kids how to meditate to help with stress, anxiety, abundance etc

They will be taught how to do a one card reading, a 3 card reading, the basics of using a pendulumn to get their own guidance and how to make there own oracle or gratitude cards. They will also be learning the importance of self love affirmations! Includes small spiritual gift bag per child

Spiritually Enlightened Package

(16 Years and Under)

We will be teaching the fundamentals of smudging, grounding and meditations, crystals, essential oils, chakras, managing stress and anxiety, self care and self love

Includes a small spiritual gift bag per child