Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a Psychic/Medium/Intuitive? 

 Well. we are all Intuitive! We are born with it and as time goes on and we get older and get an ego we forget what we knew and how to connect to spirits and ignore the messages, signs and symbols. By listening to that "inner voice" and inner knowing...called our gut instinct

How do I know if it's a good or bad spirit in my home and around me? 

There are no "bad" spirits. We ALL go to Love and Light no matter who we were or what we did here during our journey. There can be bad energy around you but never "bad" spirits.  This is why we smudge our homes, our vehicles etc.  If there's been arguments or negative vibes or energy then this is what you feel confusing it with "bad" Spirits. Make Sense?

Can I do readings like you?

Absoulutely you can! Trusting in your Journey and Developing Your Intuition and re-learning what you have forgotten will allow you to help heal yourself and others. 

How do I learn how to connect with my loved ones that have passed away? 

By letting go of EGO and trusting in spirit on the other side. We all have a Spirit Team of Angels, Guides and Loved ones . Awaken Your Spirit and Extensive Mediumship will teach you the skills, tools and techniques to open this all up again. 

What's a Spirit?

Spirit(energy) is what leaves our physical body and lives on after we have passed away

What's the difference between Psychic/Intuitive/Sixth Sense? 

Absoulutely nothing! They all mean the same thing, connection to spirits,  guides, healing, receiving and giving messages for yourself or others

Why can I connect with other people's loved ones but not mine?

It's called &!#!*&# EGO!! We want to connect so badly with our own loved ones that we disregard the signs, symbols and messages from them thinking that we are making it all up!

I feel like spirit is trying to scare me...are they? 

No, Spirit just wants to let you know that they haven't left you only their physical body has but they still exist and want you to know this 

How do I tell my loved ones that I am sorry and that I love them?

You just to them anytime all day long if you want. They hear, and see everything that's going on in your life and journey here.

How do I know if I am ready to connect with spirit, my guides and loved ones?

You're here aren't you? You are more than ready!

Rochelle(RO) J Cherniawski