I want to teach you what I know now and wished I knew years ago. Smudging is an amazing way to get rid of negative and toxic debris, energy and vibes. We all should be smudging our homes, our vehicles, our work space and ourselves on a daily basis like you would clean your home or brush your teeth. It's something that everyone should be incorporating into their lives. There are many different ways to smudge and I am going to teach you all of this and more! I will be giving you different options from quick methods to a longer more in depth way of smudging. Also, I will be showing you how to make your own smudge spray and kits and more!

Do you feel like your home and your surroundings feel negative and carry negative energy? Did you know that by smudging we can get rid of all that negative energy, debris and toxins by bringing in positive energy, love and light?! Saging and smudging has been done for many years.

Ro Cherniawski